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The Earth is the only place that life can be found, and over the last hundred years, it has been heating up due to climate change. Along with this, animals have been going extinct and the air around most cities is slowly getting more and more toxic. To combat this, humans will have to incorporate more plants into their urban areas so that the photosynthesis that they carry out can absorb carbon dioxide, and lessen the impact of human activity. Hopefully, if this is implemented successfully and on a large enough scale, it will help to combat climate change. To do this, there will need to be a cheap, effective and easy to implement way of greening cities, as most emissions come from less developed countries with less to spend. Biodiversity of animals, especially insect species. Furthermore, this will lead to better mental health and better looking buildings, just as a by-product.

A polar bear on ice that is Melting ecologically

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